Tullahoma Gets New Publix Supermarket

//Tullahoma Gets New Publix Supermarket

Tullahoma Gets New Publix Supermarket

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Tullahoma Gets New Publix Supermarket

TULLAHOMA, TENN.  August 21, 2017 — The City of Tullahoma is proud to announce that Publix Super Markets, Inc. will open its first store in Tullahoma at Northgate Mall on North Jackson Street.  The 46,000-square-foot store is expected to open in late 2018.

“This is great news for Tullahoma and the region,” stated Tullahoma Mayor Lane Curlee.   “I’m excited that one of the most respected companies in America is coming to town.  I appreciate their investment and confidence in our community as it represents a new season of retail and commercial development for our City, and the entire area.” “We have been working with the Northgate LLC partners and Brookside Properties for some time now, and the results of the hard work by all involved has resulted in this new development,” said the mayor.

“I want to especially thank Joe Lester and Jim Woodard, and partners of Northgate LLC, and David Crabtree, executive vice president, and Matt Eads of Brookside Properties, and Fred Hohnadel with Redstone Development, for their continuing efforts to bring this project to life,” Curlee continued.  “Announcements like this don’t just happen.  Many, many hours of hard work, and I’m sure a few sleepless nights, preceded this announcement.  The developers have invested a great deal of money and shown a great deal of patience and perseverance.  I commend them and thank them for their efforts.”

The Mayor continued by thanking many other people involved in the process, including the City’s Retail Consulting firm and the local support team that worked behind the scenes to make Publix and other prospective retailers aware of the advantages of the Tullahoma marketplace.

“I want to thank Lacy Beasley and her team at Retail Strategies, LLC for their support and assistance throughout this development process,” Curlee stated.

During the three-plus years that the project has been developing, a group of local city government leaders has also worked hard behind-the-scenes to bring Publix to Tullahoma.

Curlee thanked the local team partnership for their hard work.

“This potential project came to my attention over two years ago.  A special thank you goes to City Administrator Jody Baltz, TUA President Brian Skelton, TAEDC Economic Development Director Thom Robinson, and Planning and Codes Director Lee Lawson,” said Curlee.  “This has been an outstanding team effort between Publix, the developers, and the City,” he added.

“Tullahoma will be one of the smallest cities in middle Tennessee to have a Publix store. This indicates to me a confidence Publix has in Tullahoma and our region.  The addition of Publix will continue to position Tullahoma as a retail destination.  Publix will also bring well-paying jobs and opportunities for advancement to our region.  Publix is consistently recognized as one of the best companies to work for in America,” Curlee stated.

“Our City Staff, including the Planning and Codes Department, Community Coordinator Winston Brooks, St. John Engineering, the City’s Engineering Consulting firm, and Brian Skelton and his team at the Tullahoma Utilities Authority have put in countless hours of hard work over the last several years to turn this development from a dream to a reality,” said Curlee.

“And the dedication and perseverance of the TAEDC Board and staff played a critical role in making this happen,” he added.

The Tullahoma Area Economic Development Corporation (TAEDC) congratulated the developers and expressed its belief that this project would have a lasting economic impact for the entire region.

TAEDC Board Chairman Lynn Sebourn was especially excited to learn of the Publix project announcement.

“We worked for well over two years with the developers to help put some of the funding in place to make this project possible,” Sebourn said.  “We believe that the tax increment financing program that was completed and approved in 2015 was an integral part of financing for this initial project, but also for future announcements in the same area,” he continued.

“It is our desire to work with these and other developers of various projects to bring more retail growth to our area,” Sebourn added.

Sebourn also added that the support of the Tullahoma Board of Mayor and Aldermen and the Coffee County Commission, by approving the concept of the tax increment financing, or TIF program, was instrumental in making the development possible.

“We certainly want to thank the developers for Publix and other new companies coming in, but we also want to remember that the local governing bodies, by approving the TIF program, provided the impetus to make this happen, providing jobs and economic benefit to the whole region, not just the City of Tullahoma,” Sebourn concluded.

TAEDC Executive Director Thom Robinson was also happy to hear the news.

“We have been working with the developers, local officials, financing institutions, attorneys, and our retail consulting firm, Retail Strategies, Inc., to put all the pieces of a giant puzzle together,” Robinson stated.  “Development of any kind is often a long, arduous process requiring many t’s to be crossed and i’s dotted.  I really appreciate the patience and determination of the developers, and the companies they have brought to the table, to make this happen,” he said.

“It’s a wonderful day in the life of this City and County, and hopefully, there will be many future, similar announcements to continue to grow the local economy,” Robinson concluded.

Curlee ended his remarks by looking to the future.

“Tullahoma continues to grow and offer opportunities for investment.  Tullahoma is a great community for young families to live.  This Publix development is just the next step in designing a world-class community.  I look forward to welcoming Publix to Tullahoma,” Curlee concluded.

The grand opening dates for the new location will depend on several factors, including permitting and completion of the store’s construction.  For additional information, please contact www.publix.com.


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