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The aviation and aerospace sector in Tullahoma has developed from a collection of military installations and small airstrips to become a hub for global commercial aerodynamic testing, advanced modeling simulations, air defense projects and space exploration.

Tullahoma Business Airport Park

Tullahoma is home to Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) which is the most advanced and largest complex of flight simulation test facilities in the world. The complex operates 55 aerodynamic and propulsion wind tunnels, rocket and turbine engine test cells, space environmental chambers, arc heaters, ballistic ranges and other specialized units. Many of the complex’s test units have capabilities unmatched elsewhere in the United States; some are unique in the world. AEDC is an Air Force Materiel Command organization and an important national resource.

View AEDC’s fact sheet.

View AEDC’s heritage (how we became AEDC).

AEDC Vision:

Be the nation’s best value ground test and analysis source for aerospace and defense systems

AEDC Mission:

Develop, test and evaluate weapon, propulsion, aerodynamic and space systems at realistic conditions for the nation through modeling, simulation and ground test facilities

Aviation in the region is anchored by the first-rate Tullahoma Municipal Airport. One of the top airports in the state of Tennessee, Tullahoma Municipal Airport is frequently cited as a key advantage to companies doing business in the South. In 2012, the airport was recognized by the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission with it’s prestigious Red Carpet Award.

Tullahoma is a prime location for the region’s aviation and aerospace industry.

Defense contract powerhouse Jacobs Technology is a stronghold in the region, earning billions of dollars in government and commercial contracts for a host of projects from missile and rocket systems to jet fighters, and most recently a NASA contract. Smaller companies in the region often capture lucrative government subcontracts. Other renown and notable companies located in Tullahoma include MicroCraft, Schmiede, and Goodrich.

With so many crossover applications, the sector benefits from a region firmly designated as the state leader for modeling, simulation and training. Organizations in the region employ simulation technology in applications such as aerodynamic testing and fluid computational testing for military and commercial companies.

The sector enjoys strong support from public and private organizations that are dedicated to advancing the industry. Additionally, community educational institutions such as the University of Tennessee Space Institute develop programs specifically geared toward enhancing the quality of the workforce available to aviation and aerospace businesses.