Tullahoma Micropolitan Area Grows

//Tullahoma Micropolitan Area Grows

Tullahoma Micropolitan Area Grows

Tullahoma-Manchester Micropolitan Area Grows

TULLAHOMA, TENN.  January 28, 2020 — The latest report is in and the Tullahoma-Manchester Micropolitan Statistical Area has made a significant jump in the latest economic ratings, putting the area into one of the strongest positions in Tennessee and in the entire United States.

The annual report is prepared by POLICOM Corporation, an independent economics research firm based in Palm City, Florida, which specializes in analyzing local and state economies and economic development. The index takes into account the condition of the economy from the viewpoint of its impact upon the standard of living of the people who live and work in the area.

The area jumped 14 positions in the latest ranking to be rated Number 37 out of 542 Micropolitan Areas in the U.S.  The area was rated number 51 last year and has been on a continual ratings increase since 2011 when it was rated 148.  In Tennessee, only Cookeville was rated higher coming in at Number 34 out of thirteen such areas.

Each year since 1997, POLICOM has ranked the U.S. Metropolitan and Micropolitan Areas for their long-term tendency to consistently grow in both size and quality.  POLICOM analyzes local economies, determines if they are growing or declining, identifies what is causing this to happen, and offers ideas and solutions to improve the local economy.

United States Micropolitan Statistical Areas (MicSA), as defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), are labor market areas in the United States centered on an urban cluster (urban area) with a population of at least 10,000 but fewer than 50,000 people.

The micropolitan area designation was created in 2003. Like the better-known Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), a micropolitan area is a geographic entity used for statistical purposes based on counties and county equivalents.

From its research and educational programs, community and government leaders can discover what is driving their economy and what the community will have to do to enhance the “quality of life” for the people living and working in the area.

The Tullahoma Area Economic Development Corporation (TAEDC) congratulated all local leaders and expressed belief that this report is a symbol of many good factors and people working together.

TAEDC Board Chairman Lynn Sebourn was especially excited to learn of the new Policom report announcement.

“We have worked since our Board’s formation in 2011to help guide and direct a growing local and regional economy,” Sebourn said.

“It is our desire to continue to work with everyone involved in developing the area’s economic base,” Sebourn added.

“We certainly want to recognize all of our local governments and their leadership, along with the local economic development boards and chambers of commerce, who, working with local businesses and leaders have continued to drive this amazing economy,” Sebourn concluded.

TAEDC Executive Director Thom Robinson was also happy to hear the news.

“It’s a wonderful day in the life of this City, County, and Region, and, hopefully, there will be many future, similar announcements each year to continue to recognize the growth of the local economy,” Robinson concluded.

To see how this community and others in Tennessee placed, please go to www.policom.com.

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