Fire Code Enforcement

The priority of fire code enforcement is to ensure the preservation of life and property through the mitigation of life-safety and fire hazards. Fire hazards are defined in the 1994 Standard Fire Prevention Code as:

Any thing or act which increases or may cause an increase of the hazard or menace of fire to a greater degree than that customarily recognized as normal by persons in the public service regularly engaged in preventing, suppressing, or extinguishing fire; or which may obstruct, delay, hinder, or interfere with the operations of the Fire Department or the egress of occupants in the event of a fire.


It is the goal of the Tullahoma Fire Department to assist business owners and others charged with the responsibility of life and fire safety with safety programs and the abatement of life/fire safety hazards. On-site visits are conducted by appointment prior to making a site inspection. Inspection procedures, specific inspection areas, and responsibilities of the business/property owner are reviewed and guidance and recommendations for the correction of fire hazards and for fire/life safety code violations are offered.

Citations for non-compliance with the Tullahoma Municipal Code are issued in the event fire hazard violations are not ultimately corrected. Currently adopted under the Tullahoma Municipal Code is the 2015 International Fire Code.