Code Enforcement

Property Maintenance is essential to providing a consistent, clean, safe, and inviting environment for our citizens. We enforce the Tullahoma Municipal Code as well as the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code to ensure and maintain these standards. Common violations include grass over 12", trash or debris, and inoperable vehicles. In most cases, the problem exists simply because the owner is unaware of the provisions of the code.  

To submit a complaint, complete the online Code Violation Complaint Form. You will be asked to provide the address of the property where the suspected violation is located, the nature of the violation, and your name and contact information.  Alternatively, you can download and print a copy of the Code Violation Complaint Form. You may email the completed form to, or deliver it to the Building Codes office located in the Tullahoma Annex Building at 321 North Collins Street.

Complaint Process

Once your complaint is submitted, staff will review it to determine the priority level. Complaints involving immediate life-safety risk receive the highest priority. It is then given a case number and the first inspection (site visit) will be performed.  If violations are found, the letter (Notification of Violation) is sent out to the property owner of record.

Check the Status of a Complaint

You may contact property maintenance inspector Tony Mercado at 931-455-2282 or at to check on the status of a complaint.

Resolving Your Violation

If a violation is identified, the property owner will be contacted and required to remove or correct the violation and/or obtain permits.  Depending on the nature of the violation, property owners will be given a time frame stated in the Notice of Violation letter to correct the violation. 

If you receive a notice of violation, please address it in a timely manner.  Since many individuals may be unaware that they have a violation, depending on the violation, we can work with the responsible party to provide a time frame to resolve the issue(s) without a penalty.   This is your city and these are your neighborhoods. The end result is a cleaner and safer Tullahoma.