The Investigations Division of the Police Department is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses to include: crimes against persons, property, and drug/narcotic violations. The Division initiates investigations into alleged violations of statutes and maintains lines of communications with various law enforcement agencies soliciting and providing assistance as needed.

The Division is under the control of an Investigations Captain that reports directly to the Chief of Police. The Police Department Organizational Chart (JPG) depicts the structure of the Investigation Division. The Division is authorized for 7 sworn officer positions, 4 civilian public service officers, and 1 part time PSO.

Additional Duties

Within the Division exist the additional duties of Sexual Offender Registry Officer, Property Custody Officer, Crimestoppers Liaison, and Community Service Officer. The School Resource Officer for the City Schools is assigned to this Division due to their information sharing, drug/narcotic deterrence, and continual interaction with investigators.