Living in Tullahoma

Tullahoma is a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family (PDF). With a huge emphasis on education and the arts, Tullahoma is a creative community with an eye towards the future, yet cherishing its history and traditions.

A thriving community for start-ups, Tullahoma has many family owned businesses, including several still in continuous operation since the early 1900s. A patriotic community, Tullahoma honors its veterans and celebrates its many contributions to the nations' defense system through Arnold Air Force Base. The attractiveness of the community and the area is demonstrated by the number of retirees from the Air Force who return after their service is completed to make their home here once again.

Musical festivals like the 41A musical festival have featured top-notch talent, including Tullahoma's own, recording artist Dustin Lynch. Community theater and the fine arts center are active and engaged and make a valuable contribution to the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens.

Community spirit and pride are evident as the city supports Tullahoma High School and it many sports, including nationally ranked baseball teams.

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