Community Plan Development Committee


5:00 PM

Every Tuesday and Thursday

D.W. Wilson Community Center - 501 N. Collins Street


Elizabeth Bowling

Nancy Chaney


Chuck Deen


Jamie Moorehead

Greg Gressel

Board Member Liaison: Alderman Kurt Glick

Staff Liaison: Planning Director Chrles Rush


The Community Plan Development Committee of the City of Tullahoma was created by the Board of Mayor and Alderman (hereafter, “Board”) at their regular meeting on November 14, 2022. The Members of the Committee are appointed by the Mayor, upon a single nomination from each of the Board’s six Aldermen. As established, this ad hoc committee of seven (7) citizens is a public body created on an as needed basis for a specific purpose and will continue until its purpose is accomplishes. Its work, recommendations, and activities will be reviewed, from time to time, and its continuation determined by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The Committee’s mission statement is to assist with the development of comprehensive plan(s) for the City of Tullahoma that reflects broad community input and consensus